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Martin Roofing & Construction
Martin Roofing & Construction

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Roof Replacement

At some point, your roof will fail. Whether it’s from old age, severe weather, or some other misfortune, there will come a time when it must be replaced. When that time comes, call Martin Roofing & Construction, Inc.! We will be there to survey the old roof and help you choose the ”best” replacement to meet your unique needs.

Martin Roofing & Construction

New Roof Construction

MRC is an industry leader when it comes to new roof construction. We’ve installed countless square feet of new roofs across the Tri-State area and offer personalized service at a competitive price. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced contractor for your new roof

Martin Roofing & Construction

Prevention Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance extends the lifespan of your roof. A roof that’s properly maintained can last far longer than average, and it can prevent damage to your business that may occur with a poorly maintained roof. MRC offers maintenance and repair services to help you keep your roof in optimal shape for the long term.

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Martin Roofing & Construction

Leak & Repair

MRC is an industry leader with a proven track record in leak and repair services. Whether damage to your roof occurs due to hail, fallen limbs, snow or ice, or improper installation, MRC has the skilled expertise to repair your roof and protect your business from leaks and devastating collapse.

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Martin Roofing & Construction

Snow Removal

Snow may be pretty to look at, but it’s not pretty when it’s sitting on your roof. Snow accumulation can cause significant damage to your roof, including complete collapse. Removing heavy snow before it can damage your roof is a maintenance priority in the winter, and MRC is standing by to take care of the job so you can rest easily.

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Martin Roofing & Construction


MRC has had many happy customers over the years. We are here to do whatever it takes to make sure your roofing needs are taken care of. Here are just a few things our amazing customers had to say

I was very pleased with the new roof and siding installed by Martin Roofing and Construction. The workers were courteous as well as attentive to details and removed all the waste when they had completed their work.

Elizabeth Westfall,

Yardley, PA

Darin responded immediately to our leaking roof, which was created by other roofers. Darin’s crew took one day to do a 40×50 roof. There have been no more leaks. For our roofing needs, we depend on Martin Roofing.

Ellie, Bridgeton,


They even went into the adjoining graveyard to make sure there was not a single piece of debris. It was a fantastic experience with the best warranty for less than we had expected to spend. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Bob Quinn ,

Craigtown Road, MD
Martin Roofing & Construction

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