Roof Replacement

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Roof Replacement

At some point, your roof will fail. Whether it’s from old age, severe weather, or some other misfortune, there will come a time when it must be replaced. When that time comes, call MRC! We will be there to survey the old roof and help you choose the ”best” replacement to meet your unique needs.

Repair or Replace?

It’s important to your bottom line in both the short- and long-term to know when roof repairs are no longer the most economical way to go. MRC can help you determine whether your old roof is worth repairing. If it is, our skilled teams can do the job, regardless of size and complexity. If a replacement is the best option, we’ll take an individualized approach to helping you find an optimal solution based on an objective assessment of your energy plan, sustainability strategy, business priorities, and—importantly—your budget.

The Path to a New Roof

When you call, MRC will schedule and conduct a thorough, comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your facility. We use the latest technology and industry Best Practices to inspect for leaks, moisture access points, and problems with insulation. Then, we develop a comprehensive set of options for your considerations.

After working with you to narrow down the options to those that meet your budgetary and other constraints, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote, including photos of current roof conditions, energy-savings and life-cycle analysis, and an in-depth description of the work to be performed, including a detailed timeline of installation events. Upon contract signing, one of our highly skilled installation teams will implement the agreed-upon work plan, building your replacement roof with as few interruptions to your ongoing business as possible.

Trust MRC

MRC has a proven track record in high-quality workmanship, stellar customer service, and ethical business practices. We use quality materials and pride ourselves on our keen attention to the smallest details. After the work site is all cleaned up, you’ll be left with a beautiful new roof to protect your business well into the future.