Commercial Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

Snow may be pretty to look at, but it’s not pretty when it’s sitting on your roof. Snow accumulation can cause significant damage to your roof, including complete collapse. Removing heavy snow before it can damage your roof is a maintenance priority in the winter, and MRC is standing by to take care of the job so you can rest easily.

Martin Roofing & Construction
Martin Roofing & Construction

How Heavy is Snow?

One cubic foot of light snow weighs about five pounds. Wet, heavy, or packed snow can weigh up to 20 pounds per cubic foot, and snow that thaws and refreezes may add up to 60 pounds per cubic foot of weight bearing down on your roof. Thus, a roof measuring ten feet square, equating to an area of 100 square feet, could experience up to three tons or more of additional weight under the worst winter conditions. Even if the roof doesn’t collapse, the load-induced cracks and subsequent leaks will surely cause extensive damage both to the roof and the structure beneath.

Signs of Snow Damage

If snow is allowed to sit on your roof all winter, the damage it does may be progressive. Repeated thaw-freeze cycles and the added weight take their toll over the months and years, weakening the structure of your roof and damaging the surface. Signs of snow damage include:

  • Leaks.
  • Sagging or bent metal purlins.
  • Popping noises coming from the roof.
  • Areas of ponding water after the snow melts or during rain.

The blueprints of your facility may indicate safe snow loads, but it’s important to keep in mind the age of the roof and its maintenance history when deciding how much snow is safe. MRC can inspect your roof and design a snow removal plan based on factors such as your roof’s slope, materials, and condition.

MRC Removes Snow

We follow industry Best Practices to ensure snow removal is performed safely and properly to minimize damage to your roof. Our skilled snow removal teams are equipped with the latest technologies to accomplish the work quickly and effectively. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection, and let us design an individualized snow removal program to help keep your roof safe, strong, and structurally sound during the cold, snowy Tri-State winters.