MRC is an industry leader with a proven track record in leak and repair services. Whether damage to your roof occurs due to hail, fallen limbs, snow or ice, or improper installation, MRC has the skilled expertise to repair your roof and protect your business from leaks and devastating collapse.

Martin Roofing & Construction

Emergency Repairs

When disaster strikes, there’s no time to lose. First, we’ll get to work to immediately patch up your roof to stop any leaks and establish a safe drainage route for excess water. Once everything is shored up, we’ll take the time to thoroughly inspect your roof and develop a strategy for permanent repairs to stop progressive damage and protect it from subsequent storms.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly scheduled roof maintenance keeps your roof in optimum shape to ensure the least possible damage when severe weather strikes. A well-maintained roof lasts considerably longer than a poorly maintained roof, and it experiences fewer problems such as ponding, leaks, and structural deterioration. Whether your roof is brand new or getting on in years, regular maintenance is essential for keeping it in good shape to protect both your business and your bottom line.

Repair or Replace?

At some point, sooner or later, roof repairs will no longer be the most cost-effective route for your business. MRC can help you decide whether your bottom line is better off with a new roof. If it is, we’ll offer individualized replacement options that meet your needs and your budget.

Why Choose MRC for Repairs?

Our skilled repair teams are always at the ready to repair your roof in an emergency to minimize water damage to your business and prevent further damage to your roof. We adhere to industry Best Practices and use the latest methods and technologies to find and repair leaks. Our proven track record in customer service ensures you of having a positive experience. Not only will we repair your roof with minimal interruption to your operations, but we also will assist you in filing your insurance claims.

Martin Roofing & Construction