Commercial Preventative Maintenance


Preventative roof maintenance extends the life of your roof. A roof that’s properly maintained can last far longer than average, and so, it can prevent damage to your building and costly interruptions to your business that might otherwise occur. MRC offers scheduled as well as emergency maintenance and repair services to help you keep your roof in optimal shape over the long term.

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Best Practices for Roof Maintenance

Together with regular inspections and prompt repairs, we extend the life of your roof by insisting that our employees follow certain procedures when on your roof, including avoiding smoking and staying on designated pathways. We also work to ensure that drain clogs are cleared to avoid ponding, and we repair promptly any storm damage or other problems discovered to maintain the roof’s integrity.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plans Ensure a Healthy Roof

Regularly scheduled maintenance accomplished using a commercial roofing maintenance plan keeps your roof in excellent shape. It is performed like clockwork so that you don’t have to remember to schedule it. Maintaining accurate records is essential, including holding onto copies of all roofing documents such as original roof specs, proposals, reports, manufacturer product sheets, warranties, and records of all maintenance visits and repairs. These documents not only serve to guide future actions pertaining to roof maintenance and repair but also, provide the financial data and information needed for tax reporting purposes.

Martin Roofing & Construction

Choose MRC for Your Roof Maintenance

Our commercial roof maintenance plans start with a thorough inspection of your roof to provide a foundation for ongoing maintenance. The inspection includes documenting its current condition, its age and size, and the type of system in use. In forming your maintenance plan, we’ll consider your location, the types of access portals, the number and types of paths, a variety of environmental factors, and building use.

MRC uses the latest technologies and adheres to the industry’s Best Practices when it comes to maintaining and repairing your roof. You can count on us to keep your roof in excellent shape so that you can get on with your business.