Metal Fabrication

Custom Roof Metal Fabrication

Metal roofing can be customized, which ensures your project can be completed in a timely manner. It offers optimum flexibility for design, and it’s aesthetically pleasing, which is why it’s a top choice for schools, restaurants, banks, shopping centers, and other high-profile businesses.

Martin Roofing & Construction offers individualized service to ensure your metal roof meets your unique design specifications, from the color and style to the metal type and gauge. We fabricate thousands of linear feet of custom panels on-site each month with a high level of expertise and great attention to detail.

Martin Roofing & Construction

Standard and Premium Roof-Edge Metal Perimeter Systems

Our standard roof edge metal perimeter system is an ideal solution for buildings in areas where wind loads are low while our premium system works best for buildings in areas that need extra protection from extreme wind. Both options are fully customizable and can include any number of options for coping, gutters, trim, and details.

Benefits of Metal Roof Edging

Metal roof edging provides many benefits for your design needs and your bottom line:

  • Ease of Installation: Our metal-edge roofing systems are easy to install, keeping your project on schedule, and they’re custom-engineered to ensure an exact fit for the best possible protection.
  • Durability: Metal-edge roof components help prevent the outward and upward pull of membrane materials, which can be seriously damaged by strong winds.
  • Sustainability: A long lifespan decreases the impact of a metal roof on the environment, offering a sustainable roofing option for eco-minded businesses.
  • Customizability: Metal roofing components are easily and fully customizable, ensuring you get the exact roof you want for your building.

Only The Best Materials Will Do

MRC uses only the highest-rated materials for your roofing project. We get from the most trusted manufacturer brands in the nation.

MRC Does it Right

Let MRC help you design the perfect roof for your building, your budget, and your needs. We have the industry expertise and highly skilled craftsmanship required for high-quality, custom metal fabrication, and we pride ourselves on getting your project completed on time and within budget.

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